Are you a buyer?

Are you a seller?

The selling process hinges on trust between the seller, potential buyer, and negotiator. Throughout the process, we obtain financial reports, buildings specs and lease amounts, facility capacities, staffing, and so on, to help ascertain numerical values. A key document is a normalized EBITDA which reflect the earning history over a 5 years average. We also delve into sales, marketing, and manufacturing operations to establish not only the value of a potential sale, but also what other intangibles and synergies that a merger may provide.

Throughout the entire process, confidentiality agreements (CAs) are retained from all parties. We do not proceed without direct written permission.

We put buyer and seller together, striving to maximize the synergies of each company, and we assist throughout negotiations to a successful closing.


We begin with a telephone or in-person interview, which provides an opportunity for us to explore your own unique situation. No two deals are the same, but strictly as an example, we might ask the following questions:

Are you an individual looking for his first company, or adding it to something you already have?

Is a complementary industry or a competitor better suited for your acquisition?

What do you know about your competition?

What is your background?

What size of company are you after?

Do you have the money and management resources to acquire or expand your operations?

How much can you invest?

When we determine your sincerity and resolve that you have the resources to act, we set about researching the market and approach industries on your behalf. Often a buyer knows one or more suitable targets but requires the help of an intermediary, so we contribute value to the process by knowing what to look for and what to avoid.

A fee may be taken from the buyer if we are completing a purchase at their request, but more commonly the fee is for the account of the seller. We determine the appropriate arrangement prior to commencing services and generally follow the industry standard Lehman scale.

We strongly suggest you should avoid firms that propose large upfront fees or require you to list your company on an exclusive basis. Deal with a company that is paid for results!

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