As well as traditional search activity Lougheed & Associates provides intermediary services to parties who are already aware of their suitability to divest, acquire or merge with another party, but prefer to have the negotiations coordinated and expedited by a professional firm.

Lougheed & Associates specializes in identifying strategic merger, acquisition and divestiture opportunities on behalf of clients in Canada and the United States. We locate and qualify purchase/sale situations when requested by buyers or sellers and take the initiative in creatively developing these opportunities. Our distinguished history of confidential and successful negotiations is the result of research, contacts, referrals and market knowledge in a broad range of industries.

Our added value is we understand business! It's this strategic fit of putting the right buyer and seller together that makes a merger or acquisition work.

Cliff Lougheed

As past director of the Royal Bank of Canada's first Commercial Centre, Cliff's focus has always been on helping businesses realize their full potential. Cliff founded Lougheed & Associates in 1988. He excels in creative problem solving difficult situations, financial analysis and analyzing marketing synergies.

Kevin C. Lougheed

A Gold Medal winner in his University Business Major, Kevin has corporate experience in banking (RBC), the oil business (Gulf Canada) and as an entrepreneur. He also established his own distribution and marketing company before founding Lougheed & Associates Calgary office in 1990.

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